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Our Facebook Marketing focuses on the three main components:

  • Regular posts using text, images and links. To attract more followers (potential customers) and to retain current customers.
  • Video posts are especially powerful on Facebook. We create multiple video different kinds of media from slideshows to videos.
  • Facebook Ads and Boosts are used to promote your business to people who are not following you. This is how you attract the most potential customers or prospects.

Creating a successful social media strategy

  • There are three main components that everyone needs to understand prior to creating their Social media Strategy. The biggest key to a successful social media marketing strategy is knowing why people are on social media sites. People are on social media websites for entertainment.
  • The second key component is knowing how each social media site works, so you can properly target each potential customer.
  • Finally, you need to know the rules or guidelines, so that your content is not removed from their website.

Connecting & Engaging

Social media marketing focuses on engaging with potential and present customers. In today’s world you need to engage with your customers and make real connections with your customers. This means that you can’t just throw a bunch of advertisements up on your social media pages and expect that people will come running to buy your products or services.

Continuity of Your Message

Commonly known as branding, the continuity of your message is very important. You want to present your message in the same way every time. Evol Marketing knows this and focuses on getting your message out to the masses while keeping your brand at the heart of the conversation.


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