From A to Z, Evol Marketing has the knowledge and experience to handle your website needs.

We do more than just Internet Marketing. Evol Marketing will take your ideas and make them into a beautifully designed responsive website. No matter where your clients are, they will be able to navigate and use your website to schedule, shop, research and enjoy on any mobile or desktop device.

aDP Rivet

aDP Rivet was originally 3 websites: a main site for information, a blog and a shop. In addition, WordPress, the plugins, and the theme all needed updates.  We combined all three sites into one WordPress website, added a few new plugins to make editing easier and made a few design changes. Now the site is easier to navigate, has better SEO, and is easier to manage – all under one roof.

Beckman Builders

When we met with Beckman Builders they had multiple blank pages on their website. We helped them redesign their site to show more of their services and examples of their current projects. Our Web Designers created custom galleries on the service pages to really show off the high quality work that Beckman Builders does.

Bold Healthy Living

Time to invent a brand! Evol Marketing helped with every aspect of building this brand including the design of the logo. The website design was based on a feeling; it needed to portray strength and freedom and have just the right amount of boldnessWe integrated a tool that allows people to see which essential oils will help a particular ailment – as far as we could find it was the first of it’s kind online!

Camp Create Ability

Camp Create Ability is a local Madison charity/organization that teaches autistic and disabled children and teens multimedia skills – in a fun atmosphere. They needed a website and Evol Marketing stepped up and donated this site to them! The organization manages all of the site changes in their easy to use content management system, powered by WordPress, that allows them to change or add text, images, videos, and much more very easily.

Capital City Theatre

Capital City Theatre had an existing WordPress site and an older logo design that needed updating. Evol Marketing worked directly with Capital City Theatre to recreate their brand with colors to show their love for theatre and Wisconsin. We also added payment functionality with Woocommerce to allow to accept donations or payments for classes directly from their new WordPress website.

Capital City Tree Experts

We had a few main focuses in this major redesign. Their old site had only a little content and was very out of date. It was also not mobile-friendly or responsive. We brought all of their services to the homepage, created a custom slideshow, and integrated an online quote and made sure it converted the clients we help them get with their ongoing digital and print marketing.

The Essay Expert

This website was a major conversion from an older WordPress based platform that was in need of updating. Evol Marketing was able to recreate the entire website while updating the look and feel of each webpage. We also were able to integrate each of the 110 different products into WooCommerce which streamlines the ability to get the product to the customer and the client to get paid.


Farin & Associates is a local company that does business across the nation. Evol Marketing was up to the task and working with Farin we designed and created a new WordPress website based off their existing HTML based site. Evol Marketing created custom PHP files that expanded the boundaries of WordPress with one-of-a-kind in-page animated menus.

The Gathering Source

The Gathering Source, a non-profit organization, already had a website, but they needed a fresh new look and desired to do more. We were tasked with providing a means for volunteers to easily add new content and events to be shared with the community through social media. This site was designed to bring even more to the community by creating a new look, organizing the information, and providing visitors with more opportunities to help.

Madison Kids Expo

The Madison Kids Expo required us to import content and recreate the current kids expo site within Brava Magazine’s main site. In doing this, the Kids Expo still maintains its own brand and separation from its parent.

Madison Masonry Design

Madison Masonry Design is a local masonry company that had successfully been in business for over 13 years that realized something. In order to continue to be competitive in any of today’s industries, they needed a recognizable brand and a responsive WordPress website. Evol Marketing delivered a new medium for Madison Masonry Design’s customers to reach them from wherever they may be.

Madison Women's Expo

The Madison Women’s Expo, built inside Brava Magazine’s main site, required us to update content to adhere to new brand standards while also maintaining separation from the parent site. By implementing custom JavaScript menus we make the site appear to stand on its own.

Middleton Custom Caretaking

Middleton Custom Caretaking is a successful property maintenance company that had neither a brand or website. Working directly with the client Evol Marketing helped create not only a new brand but a sleek new website showcasing that brand and the services of Middleton Custom Caretaking.

Rippl Painting

Evol Marketing designed the brand and responsive WordPress website for Rippl Painting while focusing on vivid bright colors and Rippl Painting’s attention to detail. The images on their site practically jump off the page almost begging you to order some new color painted in your home.

Riverstone Roofing

Riverstone Roofing is a young local contracting and roofing company that did not have a website. Evol Marketing came in and created a straightforward website based on the client’s needs using their Facebook page, stock images, and a little of Brian’s construction background, and produced a clean responsive website that has already helped Riverstone Roofing gain new customers.

Steinway Madison

Steinway & Sons Madison needed a website from this millennium. Their site was an older HTML based site lacking the elegance that a brand like Steinway commands. We started with a beautiful slide show displaying how a Steinway piano might look in your home. Following brand standards Evol Marketing created this website that Henry E. Steinway would be proud of.

Thrive with Brava

Personal enrichment and professional development is the focus of Brava Magazines “Thrive with Brava” conference. This is another site built within Brava Magazine’s main site. While it is built using WordPress, our developers had to go above and beyond the tools offered within WordPress to make this site look and feel like a separate entity. Custom menus, sidebars and interactions were created using JavaScript to make this a successful sub site.

Urso Bros., LLC

Kevin and Cain Urso, the brothers that make up Urso Bros., LLC, are local home builders that wanted a talented local web design company to build a responsive WordPress website for their growing business. Evol Marketing designed a clean and straightforward website that illustrates the quality and honesty Urso Bors., LLC brings to their clients.


ZDA Inc is a local landscape architect that needed an updated WordPress website that reflected their connection with nature. Evol Marketing worked directly with ZDA and together created a responsive website that illustrates ZDA’s passion for beauty and Wisconsin outdoors.

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